Thursday, April 30, 2009


Last month I helped host a party for my dear friend Lisa's 30th birthday. Within our group of friends it is mandatory to have a Luau for your 30th, so the theme was set. The invitation read: Grass skirts, Loud shirts, Torch lights, and Tropical delights. These things and more it's true, are in store for you!
For those of you who know me I love throwing parties, so I was excited to be able to work with her hubby Chris on all the details and give Lisa a party to remember!
Chris spurged on "fancy" leis and it paid off because they made the room pop with color!
I went with an Asian influenced menu which included orange chicken, mandarin orange salad, sesame encrusted tuna, BBQ wieners with cheese cubes and crackers, shrimp, mango salsa and blue corn chips, and a special frozen tropical dessert that Chepe picked out while we were shopping. Chris was upset that I had vegetable filled spring rolls instead of meat filled ones, so I promise Chris that for your 40th we will have lots and lots of MEATY SPRING ROLLS ;o)
I even made a pineapple boat fruit salad, which was fun! Everyone was teasing me about all the umbrellas though because they were fun too and I may have just went a little overboard with them in all the dishes.
I had no time to bake, so I opted for store bought cupcakes. To jazz them up a bit I added some scrap booking accents to follow the tropical luau theme and then sprinkled them with pink sugar.
We even had tropical themed girlie drinks.
We took lots of pictures to remember the night.
We even got into a camera war, which sounds silly and a bit lame, but it was actually oddly funny.
Holly was making fun of bad pictures when I captured this gem!And Lisa was showing how much she loved Chris for throwing her a birthday party! I have a regular picture of them too, but this one is too sweet. Don't hate me Lisa for posting this one. Remember I forbid him from buying you that gag gift bra, so we are now even.
And we captured this heartfelt picture of Jeremy with his hero.
Good times, good times!


Lisa said...

Great memories! I wish we could do it again, NOW! Thanks for posting the pics. I'll be stealing them when I get home.

Love ya!

Jekisca said...

I totally need to have you start doing the party planning for me! You do a great job and get in all the details!

Silly Bee's Chickadee said...

Aloha! That fruit salad looks delish! And the cupcakes are adorable!

--found you on Creative Parties and Showers.