Sunday, April 19, 2009

Eden's Yo Gabba Gabba Party!

Eden's party was an AWESOME time!

I created the invitation on
You can also see it featured here.

We started the day out with getting into our outfits for the day.
Papa transformed into DJ Lance Rock

Momma transformed into Razzle Dazzle Leslie Hall doing the "Glitter Hands"

Eden sported her new birthday shirt featuring all her YGG friends, and even little sister Lily got into the birthday spirit with a YGG onsie just her size and leg warmers to match.

Dressing up was fun to do and made the party even sillier!
The Morales Crew Yo Gabba Gabba Style!

The bounce horse even played along and was 'Sad Brobee'. Eden's favorite!

The house and backyard were decorated with lots of YGG things that came from ideas shared by other gabbafriend families and things found on nick jr. We started planning Eden's party in February and did not sleep the week before to get everything made and ready. Thank you everyone in Gabba Land for helping us plan this very special third birthday for Eden!!! We hope some of these pictures will maybe help with other parties as well!

Papa even made a Plex pinata!

For party favors we made 'Brobee Balls'. Wrapped up inside was everything from bubbles, bracelets, bead necklaces, stickers, koosh ball rings, punch balloon, and candy!

Due to Eden's dairy allergy and Momma's two failed attempts at a birthday cake it was YGG themed cupcakes in the end. Eden helped decorate the homemade ones, and picked the orange and green ones out herself at Sam's Club. Little did she know they were dairy free also just by chance!

Outside everyone played "Party in My Tummy!"

Eden was very excited to see 'Brobee's friends' that Momma made out of felt & Mighty Mend It since I do not know how to sew.

Feeding Brobee was SO MUCH FUN!

After some play time we ate some yummy food ourselves!

Eden was so excited to open presents that she became a 'Sad Brobee' herself when I told her she needed to wait until everyone finished. She sat and patiently watch the YGG episode on TV until it was present time.

Luckily present time came sooner then later and Eden was a whirlwind of tissue paper, ribbon, and gifts. There was no holding her back this year from tearing into the gifts.

Immediately after presents we wished Eden Happy Birthday! I got a little teary seeing my baby turning the big THREE! There is no hope for me when it is her sweet sixteen.

Pinata time followed. Even though it was a pull string pinata Eden really wanted to close her eyes and beat him with a stick. So, we gave everyone a go with a broom handle. Look closely and you will see Eden has her eyes shut in the picture. No worries we made sure everyone stood back...really, really far back!

Thank you Papa Bear, oh we mean 'DJ Lance Rock' for the Plex
Pinata! Luckily the damage was minimal from the stick.

Thank you friends for all the presents and coming to celebrate with us!

Eden had a wonderful time and is still talking about her special day!!!

Like I said, it was an AWESOME day and this picture proves it! We were beat at the end of the day and could not even make it up the stairs to bed.

Our party decorations are also featured here and the Brobee cake I made for Eden's actual birthday is here.
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Thank you to all the other gabbafriends who shared their ideas and made our party possible!


nbowen9410 said...

where did u get the plush set of 5?

Tamara said...

Target, but that was almost three years ago. Your best bet it so hunt for them on eBay. Good luck!